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OMG's S​tory

     I never started out thinking I would end up in the music business.  I grew up in a home full of people in the auto sales industry (car dealerships).   My mother and my stepfather each spent over 25 years in the car business, so I believed that was my destined path.  I started selling cars to great success in Toledo, Ohio.   From there I went into Finance & Insurance before trying my hand at Sales Management in Detroit.   I enjoyed it until a great friend and mentor, a man named George, passed away.   That is when I decided I needed a change and moved to New Orleans.

     After a lot of hard work and years in the music industry, I fell into the trap of the easy money and less work preying on songwriter’s and artist’s dreams.  My life started revolving around materialism, partying, the Rock & Roll lifestyle and impressing people who are not important instead of caring about my client’s careers, dreams and feelings.  I ruined some amazing relationships, decimated my reputation, lost my freedom and ultimately hurt my health, which is what changed everything.

     As I said above, I fell into a life of materialism, partying and surrounding myself with all the wrong people. This sin–addiction rooted itself in my own struggles with self-esteem very early in my life.  This despite being a very popular student with plenty of friends.  Even though I was popular and the life of the party – which never started until I arrived, and it ended when I left. I still had this overwhelming sense of inadequacy.

     When I finally decided to immerse myself into the music business and learn it like nothing I’ve ever studied before, I discovered that this knowledge was a fiercely sought treasure that scores of artists and musicians would pay and do almost anything to use this knowledge to help them achieve their dreams. I was genuinely wanted. This become my drug. An enormously powerful drug.  My life was out of control and had no meaning. “There has to be more than this.”  Finally, by the grace of God himself or only plain fate, some events unfolded that convinced me that my life had to change.

     On a sunny morning in October 2015, I woke up with a sharp pain at the top of my ribcage under my right arm.  I was thinking it was a pulled or cramped muscle that I had slept on wrong.  I showered and headed out the door to a restaurant that I had opened in Hendersonville, a suburb of Nashville.  I put the top down on my car, enjoying the beautiful fall weather, and headed for the interstate.

     The morning passed quickly like any other morning without surprises or anything out of the ordinary even though I still had this annoying pain in my side.  It seemed to worsen bit by bit as the day went on and lunch approached.  Being such a nice and sunny day and knowing my convertible top was down, I decided to enjoy the nice day and fresh air by driving home to take a few ibuprofens and sneaking a nap.  I slipped out of the restaurant and headed for home.  As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I called my girlfriend at the time, Kim, and told her my plan.

     About thirty minutes into my drive home, my cell phone rang.  It was Kim checking on me and my progress home.  She told me she was a little worried and by this time I was having a lot of trouble taking a breath.  Each breath felt like a knife coming out of my chest.  I could barely respond to Kim’s questions.  She was actually scared I was having a heart attack and demanded that I go to the emergency room or she was calling 911 and telling them where I was driving.  I barely made it to the emergency room.  The pain had grown so intense I was sweating. 

     I spent five days in the hospital having suffered a pulmonary embolism.  A blood clot had traveled through my heart and into one of my lungs.  My doctor informed me that about 50 % of people who experience them drop dead.  It would have been the last nap I would have ever taken.  I was lucky.

     This experience really got me thinking and analyzing my life and what I was doing with it.  How would my obituary have read had I died on that day?  It would not have been good.  I would have left this world with a lot of people thinking I was a con artist, liar, crook, and a thief.  It was what I had become, I had recently dealt with some serious legal trouble and knew that I was not given a second chance to keep going down the road I had been on.  I realized it was time to change everything.  I had to change the way I was living my life.

     Thinking that the music business and the people in it was contributing to my problems, I took a small hiatus from the music industry and opened a boat dealership just outside of Nashville, Tn., in a small suburb called Pleasant View.  After two years of running the dealership I realized it wasn’t the music business, it wasn’t a bar and restaurant, it wasn’t the boat or car business, it was me.  It was the way I was doing business.  I was worried all about me and not the people paying me.  I was still completely driven by money and materialism.  I acquired them both at any cost.  Even my reputation and freedom and once again I found myself in legal trouble.  How had I gotten to this point?

     This is where the new chapters of my life begin. It began with writing my book, and helping artist and songwriters realize their dreams and how to go about achieving them.  To teach them how the music business in Nashville, Tn., really works and giving them the resources to do it whether they want my help or not.  With this information artists and songwriters will have the resource they need to avoid people like who I had become and find the people who really can move their careers forward.

Excerpt from Jason's book coming out soon!

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A Little About Jason

     Jason Rashley is from Temperance, Michigan where he attended Bedford High School. After moving to New Orleans, Louisiana he attended Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida majoring in Entertainment and Music Business.  He started his music journey there working with the likes of Kermit Ruffins, Trombone Shorty, 12 Stones, Phil Anselmo (Pantera and Down), Better Than Ezra, Sweet Root and several others at some famous studios such as Studio in the Country, Piety Street, and Balance Studios before moving to Marna Del Rey, California.

     During Jason’s time in California he got the opportunity to work with some legendary people such as Matt Forger (Michael Jackson’s personal engineer since the Thriller album until the time of his death), Ben Haggard, Tommy Nast, and Sheldon Reynolds (Earth, Wind and Fire) at some equally amazing studios, Ocean Way, Westlake, Universal and many others before moving to Music City – Nashville, Tn.

     Since arriving in Nashville, Jason has become a BMI (Broadcast Media, Inc.) songwriter, founded his own music publishing company, Ozark Music Group (OMG), located on the historic Music Row, joined the Country Music Association (CMA) and began producing new and upcoming artists in artist development. While in Nashville Jason has had the opportunity to work with some of the legends in the music industry (Don McLean, Don Williams longtime manager Robert Pratt, the surviving cast members of HEE HAW, Old Crow Medicine Show, and many more).

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