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These amazing acts are available for Performing Arts Centers, Theaters, Fairs & Festivals, Concert Venues and Casinos.

Please direct all inquiries to [email protected] - Thank you.

The Kolt Barber American Cowboy Showdown

Pairing rough and rowdy rodeo excitement with an electric LIVE country music arena show, the “American Cowboy Showdown Tour” is action-packed, edge-of-your-seat, dance-to-a-beat entertainment.

Embracing, and catering to, the blue-collar, AG, farming, ranching, and trucking communities, the American Cowboy Showdown is a rough stock series that canvases the country.

Sanctioned by the International Professional Rodeo Association (IPRA), the events (Bareback • Saddle Bronc • Barrel Racing • Bull Riding) spotlight award-winning stock and showcase the talents of top-notch cowboys and cowgirls competing for top prize money and buckles as hopeful year-end championship finalists.

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Kolt Barber - Real American Country Music

KOLT BARBER is just a good, ole boy—plain and simple. He’s a hard-working, hands-on Georgia native who’ll be the first to say he’s endured bumps and bruises from life mistakes; but with a cowboy spirit that runs deep, the maverick has the tenacity to get back on the horse. He’s a devout patron of the land whose favorite canvas is painted from a front porch swing view that gazes across the crop fields and grazing horses.

Marrying his passion for the land with his love for music, Kolt has spent years writing and performing before heartland country music fans. His dedication to his fellow blue-collar crop growers and livestock wranglers, and his country music following, make him a standout in both fields.

With the grit of toughened leather and a gentle man’s demeanor, Kolt Barber is a true country purist. The rugged, loyal man with a mysterious aura, untamed spirit and innocent charm feels as much at home roaming the pastures on his ranch by day as he does setting fire to the stage with an electric performance each night.

Kolt is a contemporary/traditional country music recording artist who is a charismatic, engaging and electric live stage performer (likened to Garth Brooks). He has enjoyed grand success catering to audiences at fairs, festivals, rodeos, AG and trade shows, casinos, small opry houses and more.  

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Don Williams: Music & Memories of the Gentle Giant

Over the past weekend (Oct, 31-Nov, 1-2, 2019),  Don Williams was the focus of a three-night musical extravaganza at the Schermerhorn that paid tribute to his music – and for those who are unaware,  Don charted 17 #1 singles and charted 34 hit songs – but in a fashion that I don’t think many could imagine. Yes, Don Williams passed away in September 2017 so you might ask yourself: Is this a tribute concert? Is this a symphony show where they just play Don’s music? How was Don Williams going to be singing his songs back to the audience with his full band and the Nashville Symphony playing along?

Through technology,  as the producers of the show explained,  they were able to synch real live audio from previous Williams shows with live video taken from Africa,  Branson,  and Ireland to create an experience that they believed would work.   Believe it or not, it worked!  I felt as if Don Williams was on-stage singing his songs and I was captivated by the footage.  How you ask?  Well, think about it, when we go to arenas, we are always watching the big screen because unless you are in the first 5 rows,  you don’t get to see much anyway.  So as Don’s music was being performed by the musicians, I was merely watching the screen as if I was in the last row of the concert hall.  Don sounded and looked great, the video is synced perfectly to the music and I was in awe of what I was seeing.  It was almost like seeing Williams in different parts of the world.

Saturday night proved to be something special for those in attendance.  The shows curator and country music star Keith Urban was in attendance viewing the masterpiece that he helped pull all together.  Urban sat with show producer and Don’s long-time manager Robert Pratt throughout the night.  Those near Urban watched as tears flowed from his face in a proud state of happiness.  Nobody has said how much Keith was involved in picking the songs, pulling the footage, or not, however, who cares.  Give him all the credit he wants or deserves as the show concept and execution was just that, a masterpiece!

Now,  was the show entirely perfect,  not exactly.  During a few songs,  the audio files being used contained applause,  which obviously proved the tracks were pulled and taken from real live concert settings.  However,  one would think with all this audio software out there,  that this great production would have cleaned up the tracks a bit better.  But it was opening weekend for what we understand will be a show that is going to tour in 2020 around the world.  I bet that one flaw will be fixed before you ever see this show in your town.

All in all, the show taught you how extraordinary the catalog of Don Williams music really is.  This is the first tour of its kind.  If you’ve seen Don Williams you know how special this is and it’s worth seeing again.  If you haven’t seen Don Williams,  this is as close as you will ever get and you will see why he is legendary.  I highly recommend!

–Jerry Holthouse

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Moscow Ballet La Classique

Ballet is renowned for being hard work. All that grace and athleticism comes at a price; but there are some companies that take it even further. Case in (and on) point(e): Moscow Ballet La Classique.

Established in the twilight of the Soviet era, the company is celebrating more than a quarter century of grueling tours. Indeed, they have performed everywhere from Cairns to Perth and multiple points between. It is perhaps no small irony that the production behind this exhausting touring company is Sleeping Beauty.

No surprise too that when we speak, the company’s founding Artistic Director Elik Malikov has just got back to his hotel room in Bournemouth, England having just watched the curtain drop on yet another performance of Tchaikovsky’s much loved classic.

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The Three Irish Tenors

The Irish Tenors have been the acknowledged Celtic music kings since they burst upon the scene during a 1998 special.  With ten best selling CD’s to their credit, they share company with the likes of The Three Tenors and Andrea Bocelli as the biggest money makers PBS has presented.

The Irish Tenors rekindled the love of all things Irish in America, and opened the door for countless Irish music groups to hit the United States, but The Irish Tenors cannot be duplicated; The Irish Tenors are the real deal! They have stood the test of time; audiences of all ages love the Irish Tenors and clamor to get tickets whenever they perform. Full houses and standing ovations are the norm for The Irish Tenors.

The Irish Tenors have performed all over the world, including the best venues in America, From Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Gardens and Carnegie Hall in New York to The Hollywood Bowl in California – they have blazed the trail from coast to coast stopping in nearly every city in between; thrilling audiences at every single stop with their enchanting Irish repertoire, sweeping secular selections and dynamic holiday fare.

The Irish Tenors have performed for Presidents and Prime Ministers – delight your audience with the full-bodied sound of symphonic backing and pure tenor harmony – present The Irish Tenors next season at your venue!

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Owen Mac

I was born in 2003 in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

“My biggest musical influences as I was growing up were Jimmy Buckley, Derek Ryan, Gene Watson, Rascal Flatts and of course my biggest was my Dad who was always there to encourage and advise me.”

My first and foremost type of music is definitely country, should it be Irish, American or contemporary. I can appreciate all types of music but personally for me to sing I like the country style.

My Mum and Dad inspire me so much to do my music as I can see they get as much pleasure from listening to me as I get from singing it and also the public who listen to my music when they give me lovely compliments its very encouraging and inspires me to keep going knowing people enjoy what I do.

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British Invasion

More info coming soon!

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CC Clevenger

Growing up, Elkton, Maryland, was home for Charles Walter Clevenger, aka C.C. Clevenger. He now calls sunny south Florida home. He started music early at the age of 7, singing everywhere he could. He grew up listening to Conway Twitty, Kenny Rogers, Paul Stanley, and even Kiss. 

One of his earliest memories, was hearing Conway Twitty's, "Why Me Lord", and just couldn't stop singing it. From there, he spent 22 years traveling the east coast with many cover bands. During this time, he had been writing a lot of original songs, waiting for just the right time to release them. 

That time has finally come and the new album, "A Long Time Coming" is now being dialed in by some of the most acclaimed session musicians in the world. Charlie will be touring in 2022-2023 to promote this new album and grow his dedicated fan base. 

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